A friend of mine recently received a gift from a neighborly farmer... in the form of a pet pig! They were quite thrilled, and decided to name their new pet Peggy. They didn't waste any time spoiling their new pet, and they taught it several tricks.

A few weeks after they received Peggy, my friends had to go on vacation. They made arrangements with the farmer to keep her while they were gone, and thus they left her happily playing with the farmer's other piglets.

However, when they returned, they discovered a slight problem: all the piglets looked alike! They couldn't tell which piglet was Peggy, and they began to despair.

Then my friend got an idea: "Sit!" he yelled, and one little pig sat down.

Are the individuals that surround your life able to identify you as a child and disciple (follower) of God?

A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. -John 13:34

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