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   Clean Joke of the Day is delivering Christ's Good News and hope to thousands of people every day. However, there are many more people who could be reached and impacted by this simple and cost-effective method of email.

   Over 1,000,000 searches are performed every month on the internet for humor related topics, and each searcher is a very viable recipient for Clean Joke of the Day and the messages of truth it contains from God's Word.

   Although email is a very inexpensive technology to use, it still consumes resources. For example, high bandwidth is necessary to email several thousand people every day, and special software is necessary to ensure high standards of stewardship and ethics are kept that maintain the security of subscriber's email addresses.

   If you would like to help Clean Joke of the Day proclaim Christ, simply follow the directions below for online giving, or send in your support to the address below. Thank you, and may God bless you as you follow His leading!

Joshua Jantz

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